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Success Stories

Brody (formerly Brando)

Dear Beagles & Buddies,

I apologize for my apparent lack of brevity, but I wanted to fully explain the depth of my appreciation for you and the work that you do. Whenever I look into those golden brown eyes of my Brody Boy, I thank God for leading me to Beagles & Buddies.

After waiting for over six years, our family situation was such that we finally had enough space, time and resources to care for a dog. And so the search began. I read books, studied websites and took questionnaires trying to find the breed that best suited our family. All my research pointed to the beagle. The next step was trying to find a reputable breeder from whom we could purchase a cute little female puppy. Thankfully, I started to look by typing "southern california beagle" into a search engine on the internet, and that's where I first saw Beagles & Buddies.

I spent hours pouring over your website. I read every bit of information on it, and then read it again. I concluded that maybe a puppy wouldn't be the best idea for our family because of our two-year-old daughter. If that was all I got from your website it would have been valuable enough. But I was also so impressed by your mission and moved by the photos of the dogs you had posted that I was convinced that I wanted to support your cause and adopt one of your dogs.

Again, I thought I had it all figured out. I decided we need a child-friendly female probably 3-4 years old. I found a couple of girls on your site that fit the bill and came in to meet them. Your wonderful staff indulged my inquiries but also gently suggested a couple other dogs we might like. That's when I first laid eyes on Brando.

I immediately thought he was beautiful, but also completely wrong for our family. He was still a puppy (they estimated between 9 and 12 months old), male and a pointer. I had read that pointers were ill suited for suburban living because of their tremendous need for exercise and would be better for rural areas with acreage to run and play. That just wasn't us. And that is exactly why the services of Beagles & Buddies are priceless.

Many of my friends balked at the adoption fees at B&B, they said if I wanted to rescue a dog I should go get one at a shelter for fifty bucks. I understood their reasoning but if I had listened I would never have ended up with my Brody. The most important part of the Beagles and Buddies experience is that your dedicated staff actually spends time with the animals in order to get to know them personally. They are able to tell you much more than breed or age information. They are able to name specific personality traits and needs of the individual dog.

That is how I learned that despite being a puppy, Brando (which our daughter pronounced as "Brodu" and eventually evolved into "Brody") was extremely calm and wonderful with small children. They also informed me that neither aggression nor dominance is based solely on gender (which is why I wanted a female) and that Brando was incredibly submissive. As far as his need for exercise, they said his age and level of fitness would enable him to keep up with our active family, but his biggest desire is just to be a lap dog. Your knowledgeable staff quelled all my concerns and allowed me to take home this gorgeous boy who had already captured my heart.

I can't thank you enough. Brody is the perfect match for our family. From the moment we took him home he was housetrained, crate trained, walked well on a leash, obeyed basic commands, and was ready to give lots of love. He gracefully suffers the indignities of our daughter's many tea parties, playhouse adventures, and incessant hugs and kisses. He loves to go on walks, car rides, play fetch or run around in the backyard but his favorite thing is just to curl up in a ball on the floor next to your feet.

Thank you for bringing our sweet Brody Boy into our lives and thank you for what you continue to do for countless other dogs and families. If we hadn't found your website before we got our dog, I'm afraid we would have been one of the families giving up a puppy to you rather than taking the perfect one home. May God bless you as you continue to save the lives of these wonderful animals and bring joy into many families' homes.

With much gratitude,

the DeBie family




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