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B&B in the news!

The following article was in this Sunday's San Gabriel Valley Tribune about B&B rescuing and rehabilitating some of the very frightened chihuahuas that were at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter for over 8 months. At the time of this interview (last Thursday) they had been with us for l0 days.


'Little Women' healing

By Karen Rubin

They call them the "Little Women.' Four female Chihuahuas who spent eight months at the Baldwin Park animal shelter are now getting love, exercise and attention from Connie Kramer and her crew of volunteers at Beagles and Buddies, an El Monte-based animal rescue organization. It appears the dark times are over for Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, the four sisters in Louisa May Alcott's classic novel.

When the dogs first arrived from the shelter, Kramer put them in her bathroom, where for a couple of days they stayed huddled together and refused to come out. One of the dogs arrived with bloody paws after scraping the metal door on its carrier cage, Kramer said. But on Thursday, all four were outside at the Red Cloud Ranch the name for one of her kennel properties. They mingled with other dogs in the gated compound and enjoying the misters Kramer turns on to cut the heat of the day.

"They're gradually expanding their boundaries,' Kramer said. "At first, they were a little herd, now they are exploring on their own.' Two take food out of Kramer's hand. All are cautious and will not allow strangers to touch or pet them.

Kathy Fuller of South Pasadena volunteers at the shelter. The dogs have been receiving a herbal remedy to suppress anxiety. Sometimes they huddle together, away from other animals. When they become sociable, they will go to foster homes where a dog expert will work with the Chihuahuas' temperament, Fuller said.

For now, the dogs are not up for adoption, but will be when they become socialized, Fuller said.

Kramer is exploring using aromatherapy and plans to build a dog-wellness room that uses natural remedies. Her kennels take up two buildings, one across the street from each other. She has about 100 dogs and adopts out about 20 a week, she said.

The Chihuahuas made headlines when county authorities rescued 296 dogs from Emma Harter, an Acton woman who is an unlicensed breeder. She faces felony animal cruelty charges and is awaiting trial. The animals lived in such tight quarters that they formed feral packs that preyed on weaker dogs. Most of the dogs were inbred or cross bred. Dozens were euthanized because they were sick or dying. Others were adopted out. But the Baldwin Park animal shelter cared for 170 dogs for eight months. Kimi Peck, the founder of Chihuahua Rescue, organized the dogs' removal to various rescue organizations. The last of the dogs left the shelter last week.


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