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You can meet the rescue dogs at our weekend adoption events, or by appointment at the sanctuary.

Beagles and Buddies Sanctuary
23430 Hwy 18
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/n5Jiq

Email: beaglesandbuddies@gmail.com


Our Wish List * Volunteer Job Openings
Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Opportunities / Orientation Schedule Change

We welcome new and experienced volunteers. Please email applications (Volunteer app above) and indicate dates/days/hours you'd like to volunteer, your areas of interest/expertise and anticipated number of hours you will give....the more the better!~ We've got a great volunteer program going on and lots of fun for everyone - most especially the dogs!!

Send those apps and ancillary forms to Connie at beagles@beaglesandbuddies.org. Also helpful to bring your hard copy app your first visit.

Ask friends to join you; think of projects and events you might do to help the dogs. Great group of 10-year old friends ran a lemonade stand and baked sweets and sold at a concert in the park - $300 - 2 days! Pretty amazing! Sky's the limit when you brainstorm and get creative.

Meanwhile please have a look at the volunteer information on this page, and do some of our recommended reading. This will get you in good shape for your time with the dogs, puppies, and people of B&B.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help the dogs. They really appreciate it--we can tell by all the tail wagging around here!

Thanks for your support!

Together, we'll figure out the best way for you to participate in the joy that is Beagles & Buddies... and there's a multitude of fun going on that you won't want to miss! There are a wide variety of very necessary chores, many "hands-on" doggie tasks: brushing, bathing, walking, socializing and just being with some of the newcomers. Get your application in so we can set up your interview (click here to download).

Interested folks can email Connie for more info.

Beagles & Buddies is proud to have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 12,000 dogs in loving homes since it's inception in 1993. As a volunteer you can do many things to help us continue rescuing dogs. We get phone calls from shelters all over Southern California that have dogs needing rescue & many times we don't have anyone to go pick those dogs up. We also need help transporting sick animals from our kennel to our vet. Of course adoptions days are extremely work intensive.

We always need people to help us keep our place clean- washing out the kennels, clearing the yards, and keeping the dogs themselves looking nice with bathing and brushing.

Our goal is to get each dog exercised every day. You can come walk the dogs or let them out into the play yards. For volunteers who can't deal with getting our big hounds into an exercise yard, they can exercise the little dogs. Their kennels open directly onto their exercise yard.

Because we are no-kill, we are committed to keeping the dogs healthy. We have a terrific vet in Dr. Angelina Beeks who looks after our little guys. Our vet bills are enormous, and we always appreciate donations for the dogs' medical care. We also have volunteers who go around every day to give the sick or disabled dogs their medications.

We are always looking for foster homes, but especially now with the issue of the COVID-19 virus. Several families have already been generous in opening their homes to our dogs. We are specifically looking for temporary homes for our seniors, shy dogs, and dogs with disabilities. One family was generous enough to take in three of our senior beagles!

See our list of volunteer jobs!

"Special Friends Volunteer Program"

Some of our dogs, like Toni on the left, are looking for Special Friends friends who will help them get adopted! Toni is our "poster girl" because she is our longest-staying dog right now, having been here since 2011, when she was just 1-2. It's her breed that has put her at a disadvantage; chihuahuas have a difficult time getting adopted. But she is a loving girl who knows many commands. She and dogs like her would love a friend to brighten their day.

The Special Friends program is all about helping these dogs find that special person a little sooner. If you are interested in our program, you must have come to B&B as a regular volunteer at least 3 times. To learn more about becoming a Special Friend to a dog in need click here...

More Ways to Help

Adopt one of our dogs, or encourage friends to consider adopting a homeless dog instead of purchasing a dog or puppy.

Foster: Become a temporary foster parent to a dog. We are limited in the number of dogs we can house on our property so foster homes reduce the number of dogs we have to turn away when the kennel is overcrowded.

We rescue hundreds of dogs each year because of the continued support of so many of our friends. Every gift you send means so much because it enables us to continue helping innocent doggies who deserve a second chance.




A local Girl Scout troop donated blankets that they had made to help keep the beagles and buddies warm in the cold months. Many thanks to these young ladies for their hard work!


The Shelters Helpers donated $1000 to Beagles and Buddies, along with toys, food, and clothes. Thanks to all who are in the Giving Season and are helping out by donating and volunteering.


Tinkerbell, her sister Courtney and mother Sami attended a fundraiser to benefit Resuce Me Incorporated. She was there to promote the spring collection of the Donald J. Pliner Concept Store for Men, Women, and Luxury Dogs in Beverly Hills, CA. Here is Sami & Courtney; Tinkerbell and a star from Days of Our Lives and Tinkerbell smoozing on the red carpet. A fun time was had by all, raising money to rescue our furry friends.


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