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You can meet the rescue dogs at our weekend adoption events, or by appointment at the sanctuary.

Beagles and Buddies Sanctuary
23430 Hwy 18
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/n5Jiq

Email: beaglesandbuddies@gmail.com


Gifting Through Estate Planning
Appreciated Stock Donations

Our Wishlist


Beagles & Buddies must find ways to raise money so we can continue saving dogs. Your tax-deductible donation keeps our rescue kennel operating!


Beagles & Buddies
23430 Hwy #18
Apple Valley, CA 92307
(write for deposit only on the back)
Canceled check is your receipt.

For only $25 a month you can sponsor a dog. Your donations assist in feeding & providing medical attention for needy dogs in our care.

Please note that we are a legitimate bunch of begging dogs! Your donations to our non-profit organization are tax deductible.
Federal ID # 33-0648757

To be a sponsor, choose a dog you wish to sponsor from our doggie list!
Give us a call or email us - and we'll get you started!

Donate a Car

If you own a vehicle you’re not using, or if you are getting a new car and need a new home for your old one, please consider making a gift to Beagle & Buddies. Your donation of an automobile is a great way to help the animals! If you would like additional information about our auto donation program, please contact us by phone at: (626) 444-9664 or email: beagles@beaglesandbuddies.com

Gifting Through Estate Planning

There are many ways to give to charities like Beagles and Buddies. If you would like to explore options of giving through estate planning, either through direct bequests or setting up instruments such as charitable remainder trusts, please contact your estate planning attorney. If you need assistance, email us and we will refer you to a qualified estate planning attorney. Your wishes and memories can help us to save dogs lives for years to come.

Appreciated Stock Donations

Donations of appreciated stock to qualified charities are a very smart way to contribute money. If you own stock which has risen in value since you acquired it, you would pay federal and state capital gains tax if and when you sold it. If you have owned the stock for at least one year and instead donate it to a charity, such as Beagles and Buddies, you can take a charitable donation deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on your income tax return WITHOUT paying any of the capital gains tax. Then, Beagles and Buddies, being the owner of the stock, can sell it and use the cash to support itself and help save more dogs. It is as easy as that! Since Beagles and Buddies is a non-profit organization, it pays no capital gains tax.

Many people with appreciated stock in their portfolios donate stock to charities instead of cash as they know it is the most tax advantageous way to give. Now you can too! Beagles and Buddies has a stock brokerage account set up with a large national brokerage firm to accept such gifts of stock. We give the donor a letter of receipt to use for preparation of their income tax returns. We will also post a notice of thanks on our website.

If you have any questions or need any specific information about making donations of stock to Beagles and Buddies, (i.e. instructions to give your stock broker), please email us. We have a CPA volunteer who will be happy to assist you.


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