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You can meet the rescue dogs at our weekend adoption events, or by appointment at the sanctuary.

Beagles and Buddies Sanctuary
23430 Hwy 18
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/n5Jiq

Email: beaglesandbuddies@gmail.com

Doggie 101 & Extras

Below is some additional information for you and your community!

  • Tick Cheat-sheet Info provided by VetInfo.com
    Information created by VetInfo.com Parasite Prevention

    Most dog owners agree that a flea infestation is an itchy, annoying situation for both pets and people. But the importance of parasite protection goes beyond stopping an uncomfortable nuisance. A serious flea infestation can lead to life-threatening anemia for pets, and ticks are capable of transmitting dangerous diseases including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more. Year-round flea and tick medication is the most effective tool in the war against these pesky parasites.

    Recognizing Fleas and Ticks

    Fleas are tiny parasites that are smaller than a single grain of rice. They move very quickly and might be seen jumping across a pet's skin. The presence of "flea dirt" (flea feces) is also a sign of a flea infestation.

    Ticks are much larger than fleas and typically latch on to a dog behind the ears, on the shoulders or on the upper leg areas (although they can latch on anywhere on the body). It's important for owners to check their dog for ticks regularly, especially after spending an extended period of time outdoors.

    Prevention and Treatment

    Both topical and oral preventatives are available for keeping fleas and ticks away. Owners should speak with their pet's veterinarian regarding which method of flea and tick control is best for their individual animal.

    It's also important to keep the environment free of parasites. Pet parents should regularly wash pet bedding and vacuum carpeting and upholstery. Should an infestation occur, powerful products like foggers and yard sprays are available to rid the environment of parasites.

    A helpful resource for more flea and tick prevention information is http://www.vetdepot.com.
  • Behavior Training
    Click here for lots of great tips.

  • How do new dogs and babies get along?

  • Splenda tests their products on Beagles and other animals...

  • Pet Therapy
    A concept based on bringing the companionship and love of animals to people who may otherwise not be able to enjoy this type of relationship. Click here for more...

  • Community Outspeak programs.
    A method of teaching that instills in others compassion, kindness and respect for all life. B&Bhas an active education program for all age levels. As part of our work to promote humane treatment of animals, our education program is a vital link to the community. Click here for more informations.

  • Free Backgrounds
    Download one of these adorable pooches to your desktop

  • Video Clips
    See the dogs at B&B in action!

  • Other interesting doggie rescources and links

  • Buddy & Bailey contest winners

  • Dr. Graulich and team save Chiles life...

  • Jr. Walker

  • How strong are you?

  • Halloween contest winners

  • Chihuahua rescue

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Big Sunday 2014
We had a blast on Big Sunday weekend with 75 folks participating over the course of the weekend! B&B continues to celebrate the spirit of giving with volunteer projects all through June ending with a bar-b-q on July 4. Contact us and come enjoy the dogs and have fun maintaining and upgrading their sanctuary! See our facebook for photos from the Big Sunday weekend.

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