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You can meet the rescue dogs at our weekend adoption events, or by appointment at the sanctuary.

Beagles and Buddies Sanctuary
23430 Hwy 18
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/n5Jiq

Email: beaglesandbuddies@gmail.com

Volunteer Jobs

Want to be a volunteer? Click here to download an application!

Interested folks can email Connie at for more info.

Pet Therapist

Pooper Scoopers
We have around 100 dogs at any given time, and they do produce a lot of poop!

General handyperson
The kennel is so maintenance intensive we are always in need of cleaners & repairs all over the place. We work very hard to keep the environment clean and safe & if you can use a hammer, screwdriver or have any electrical skills, we could really use a helping hand. Can you paint, plaster, do wood work on fences & gates?

Animal Trainer
Someone who can spend time at the sanctuary teaching our dogs basic commands and obedience training. You don't have to be a professional trainer- one of our volunteers learned most of what she knows from youtube vids!

We desperately need a practical minded Veterinarian who is willing to make house calls once or twice a month here to the sanctuary. It's a major hardship to bundle up & haul 20 separate dogs over to another location simply for shots & general care.
If we were blessed with a Veterinarian angel who could make house calls to the sanctuary, of course we're more than willing to pay & would be ever grateful. (We'd also like to feature our Sanctuary Vet here on our website.)

Doggie Wranglers needed
Folks who love dogs & can pet them, brush them, walk them, or just hang out with the shy ones to help them socialize. Anyone from age 14 to 100 who can love a dog is welcome. Children under l4 must have consent & supervision of a parent or guardian. This job also includes pooper scooping.

Kennel cleaning
Cleaning doggie houses, washing and replacing beds. This is a job for those not afraid of hot water, bleach & pinesol. We keep our doggies and their living spaces clean and that's a demanding chore. We could use help in this area.

Could you sew & tack little bedding pads together?
We need people to cut up blankets and comforters & tack then together to make little doggie sleeping pads.
We have the materials and need you to cut them up into bedding approximately 3'x3' and 2'x2' (Of course, a few inches either way won't matter.) We need them fluffy and tacked together so we can wash & dry them faster & easier.

Bug those friends and neighbors: for older polyester comforters that you can fold into quarters & tack together to make softer fluffier washable bedding for these doggies to snuggle on inside their kennels.

Sign painter who could make nice yard signs for the reception area & yards.

We need drivers who can drive us to our Vet visits & help bust death-row inmates outta jail on rescue pickups. There are dogs who can be saved if only there are folks available with cars to go pick them up. We need on-call drivers and a dispatcher volunteer to help organize rescue pickups & vet trips.

Dog Clothes
It gets cold here in the winter, and our dogs appreciate warm coats. Homemade dog clothes or store bought ones welcome.

Help at adoption events
Several times a year we take our pets to big adoption events in the Los Angeles area or Orange County, such as Irvine Animal Care Center's Home for the Holidays event every December. We always welcome people who can help set up our area at the event, or who can come with us or meet us there to walk the dogs, feed them, or help them get adopted during the event. See our "events" page for our upcoming schedule.

Petsmart adoption events
In the past, on the weekends we have had volunteers who have taken some of our dogs to a Petsmart of the volunteer's choice to try to get them adopted. We don't have any volunteers who do that currently. The closest Petsmart to us is in Apple Valley's Jess Ranch shopping center.


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