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Vol. 1, #1

UPDATE: R.I.P. JR. WALKER... We Will Miss You!

Dear Beagles & Buddies:

I feel like I'm at Club Med.! That lady that picked me up took me straight to the beach where first I met an English lady who also has a Bassett Rescue named Hufflepuff. Then I got to go to the Doctor. They were so nice there and made such a big deal over me. They couldn't believe I only weighed 30 lbs. When Mom told them I was a rescue they said "That's the understatement"! They gave me a complete physical, even expressing my anal glands, cleared up my eyes, gave me a bath, cleaned my ears, and I got a pedicure. They think I'm fabulous! I could have handed out Beagles & Buddies business cards but I didn't have any, so I just told them all about you. They were very impressed.

We went straight from there to the local pet store where Mom bought me my own new bed and a bunch of Denta Bones! Then we went home. Man, what great digs. We live right on the beach in Malibu with movie stars all around and a bunch of cool dogs. At sunset another lady came over to meet me and have a glass of wine. She was beautiful and I could tell she loved me too. She was the one who finally figured out I'm deaf but can read lips. Boogie is deaf too. Boogie and Howdy are my roommates. Boogie is a 12 yr. old Bassett that looks just like me. She moves at about the same speed too. They think I'm about Boogie's age. Howdy is a big fat 3 yr. old Yellow Lab that likes to kiss me. I think we will be very happy together!

We had a gourmet dinner last night, a midnight snack, and bacon and eggs this morning. They say I need to put on about 25 lbs. I slept like a baby to the sound of the waves and in front of a fire. If I didn't know better I 'd think I had died and gone to heaven! My name is Junior Walker but the maid calls me Junior. Everyone else calls me Walker. I think it's a cool name. Anyway, I will be keeping a journal and will send you my thoughts from time to time, and some pix too. In the meantime thank you Beagles and Buddies for saving my life.

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